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The High Commissioner


Ambassador Victor Emmanuel Smith had his secondary education as St Augustine's College, Cape Coast and entered School of Medical Sciences at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) but as fate would have it, his academic course continued at the University of Wales Science and Technology (UWIST) in Cardiff where he pursued a BSc Honours degree in International Transport and later Masters in Business Administration.

Ambassador Smith returned to Ghana in 1994 and worked at the State Enterprises Commission as a consultant on the restructuring of State-owned enterprises, after which he was seconded to the office of President Rawlings as special assistant to the First Lady. This new management portfolio stretched to 2001 when he was reassigned as special aide to Former President Jerry Rawlings. Until 2008, Ambassador Smith served as the official spokesperson of the former president and was in charge of all related back office duties in addition to managing and overseeing the former President's public interactions with vital local and international stakeholders.

After the 2008 general elections, Ambassador Smith became a Presidential Staffer to the late President J. E. A. Mills and was later posted out as Ghana's Ambassador tothe Czech Republic. During his tenure as Ambassador, Ghana Czech relations experienced, and continue to benefit from his diplomatic and business acumen. The fact that Ghana's oil and Gas, gold mining, industrial equipment, military hardware and the extractive industry remain attractive to Czech business interests is a testimony to his delicate diplomatic skills and Ghana's use of soft power within the EU economic block. Two years into his posting abroad, President Mills recalled Ambassador Smith back home and appointed him presidential Advisor for special duties.

Ambassador Smith's international exposure and deep commitment to harnessing local resources to build human capital served him well when he was later posted to the Eastern Region as Regional Minister.

His focused and diligent tackling of illegal small scale mining, the ravages of uncontrolled grazing of cattle and their effects on the ecology of the region were prominent among his achievements. This singular achievement resonates with the wider global campaign to save the environment. Ambassador Smith did not only leave an indelible impression on the minds of traditional rulers and people of the region, he also left a sterling legacy of peace he helped broker in the troubled region.

Ambassador Smith's vision in his new role as Ghana's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, with concurrent accreditation to the Republic of Ireland is to help rebrand corporate Ghana as a mutually beneficial investment destination for both British and Irish organizations and skilled Ghanaian professionals in the UK and Ireland. This objective is within the larger diplomatic policy of creating a sustainable commonwealth which through economic bridges and soft power, promotes and deepens trade, cultural and political diversity.

Sitting at the heart of this vision is an all-inclusive engagement with various stakeholders spanning the Ghanaian diasporean community, business, politics, culture and media. To achieve and sustain this vision, Ambassador Smith intends to extend a hand of camaraderie to the many interests and groups whose collective activities impact positively on the development efforts of Ghana.

"It is my belief that keeping an open door policy will engender transparency and active citizen engagement, both for Ghanaians living in the UK and Ireland, and other foreigners with interests in Ghana. It is on this note that I invite all stakeholders to come on board urgently as Ghana embarks on a strategic transformation of its economy with all the associated opportunities that it will present."

Ambassador Smith is married with four children.

April, 2014