In compliance with ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations and standards which stipulates that by November 2015 all non-biometric passports are to be phased out, passports issued by the Ghana High Commission and all passport issuing authorities for that matter would expire by the said date and hence would reflect the number of years and months from the date of issue.
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Renunciation Application


  • An application letter, applying for renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship addressed to the Minister for the interior,Ghana.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Two (2) passport size pictures
  • Photocopy cf Ghanaian Passport (Bio Data Pages) and the Original passport
  • Assurance letter from the country where applicant is acquiring new citizenship or photocopy cf passport of other nationality (eg German passport)
  • Application form @ £325.00 (obtainable at Ghana High Ccmmission, Passport Section, London)
  • Photocopy of receipt of payment.